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Horton plains
Horton plains are at Nuwaraeliya, Badulla and Rathnapura districts. There are two main entrances to this plain. Those are Pattipola entrance via Nuwaraeliya and Ambewela or Ohiya entrance via Welimada or Bandarawela. Large Savannah plains, Waterfalls, High pure water, Forests and several natural and high eco diversity areas are available to visit at Horton Plains. Horton Plains is controlled by Wild life department of Sri Lanka. Hoton plains are invented by Horton who was animal hunter in British governing period. Earlier this place is identified as ‘Maha Eliya’. Eliya means Plains and Maha means Big. In this case real meaning of this name is a Large Plain. This area is high more than 2300m above from sea level.
Everything about Ella is so pretty. It is a quiet, rather sleepy Hill Country village with wonderful views down to the plains below through the so called Ella Gap. The High Street is filled with quaint little cafes and restaurants but still remains very relaxed and calm. The town has a lovely climate too, so itís no wonder that Ella is Sri Lankaís most popular destination for budget travellers looking to explore the interior. Once at Ella, you can simply spend a few days enjoying the splendid views. The more adventurous can go on a highly enjoyable walk through tea estates to a viewpoint called Little Adamís Peak, giving spectacular views. There is also the Ravana Ella Waterfalls, which are spectacular after the rains.
Minneriya National Park
Minneriya National Park is located between Habarana and Polonnaruwa. Covered an area of 8890 hectares park is an ideal place for elephant and leopard watching. The vegetation of this park is mixed evergreen and scrub areas. The important feature of this park is that 3rd century built Minneriya Tank is located in the park. During the dry season Minneriya tank becomes the ideal place to observe its natural wild life.Minneriya National Park is home to 24 species of mammals,160 species of birds, 75 species of butterfly?s, 9 species of amphibians, 26 species of fish and 25 species of reptiles. Day jeep safari with a reliable guide will get you the opportunity to evident the natural beauty of the park and most of the wildlife. If you are lucky you will be able to get photographs of leopards and bathing elephants at the tank.
  Yala National Park
Yala National Park affords the greatest opportunities to sight the Sri Lanka’s broad variety of wildlife: colorful painted stork in troops are seen perched at the shores of lagoon where the crocodiles too have chosen to doze off; lovely fantail peacocks in their resplendent blues and greens parade about amidst the woods where monkeys hang, leap and chatter; in the bush jungle are the Elephants; crossing the tracks and wandering off into the thorny scrub jungle is the star attraction of the park: the leopard. Yala’s arid boulder-scattered parklands are dramatically different from the lush jungles and paddy fields that cover so much of the island. Yala is famed for having the highest leopard density in the world and the park attracts many visitors for this reason alone. This background was so suited to viewing elephants, leopards, wild boar, spotted deer, crocodiles.
Wilpattu National Park
Wilpattu National Park is the largest and the oldest protected areas in Sri Lanka. The park lies within the North-central & North-western providences covering an area of 131693 ha. Wilpattu National Park comprises of a complex of Natural lakes called Villus surrounded by grassy plains, set within scrub jungle. This was declared as a sanctuary in 1905 and upgraded to a National Park in 1938.
  Kumana National Park
Kumana National Park in Sri Lanka is renowned for its avifauna, particularly its large flocks of migratory waterfowl and wading birds. There are several tanks found here such as Kumana lake, Okanda Lake, Kiri Pokuna, Thunmulla Lake and few others. Most of these lakes are covered with lotuses and it manifests a fascinating view before us. The majority of birds’ habitats are found around the lagoons.
Waterfalls Sri Lanka
The island is blessed with 103 rivers and streams radiating from the central hills, rushing down rocky precipices forming a number of roaring waterfalls of Sri Lanka, various shapes and heights, all ending up loosing the momentum at the Indian Ocean. Here are some of the most picturesque waterfalls, out of which only a few can be viewed with ease, where as the others can only be seen by penetrating thick forests and tea plantations. Many waterfalls can be seen Ramboda, Dunhida, Diyaluma, Bopath Ella, Babarakanda.
  Ceylon Tea
Ceylon Tea; It’s a land of brace genuine people who live simple ethical lifestyles...and now, in the new millennium, Ceylon Fresh Teas has emerged to add aromatic flavor to its legendary reputation and the enchanting cup of magic potion. 'Passion for excellence is alive in every sip, every cup and every single pack of Ceylon Black Teas. The taste will linger fresh and first in your mind.

Ella is only a small village located high in the mountains. Most visitors to Ella only spend a couple of days there. But if you are willing to travel out of town, you can find plenty of things to do to keep you occupied. Like most places in Sri Lanka, the people here earn their money from tourism. The nice thing about Ella is that there doesn't seem to be anyone trying to con you or rip you off, which makes for a nice laid back, relaxing stay.
Whitewater rafting
Whitewater rafting is at once a challenging recreational activity and an exhilarating water sport. Yet contrary to the general public perception, Whitewater rafting is not a sport that demands great physical strength. Dexterity with an ore in the hands, an average level of physical fitness and an unruffled temperament would do. Whitewater Rafting, generally enjoyed in the white-waters as well as in other turbulent waters, brings about enthralling experience to the water sport enthusiasts. Though ability to swim is a definite advantage, the Personal Flotation Device, the necessary outfit for a whitewater rafting enthusiast is guaranteed to save him from drowning in the rapids should he fell over board.
Sri Lanka - described by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island in the world - is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking a holiday away from the usual tourist circuit. Known as the island of serendipity, it offers a wide variety of sights, terrain and accommodation. If you are seeking adventure, Sri Lanka offers hill country plantation estates to jungle, rainforests to tree houses alongside rapid rivers. Go in search of wild Elephants and eagles, or adopt the bygone community life of the traditional Veddah villagers on an eco estate.
Hot Air Ballooning
The most popular Hot Air Ballooning sites in Sri Lanka are at Sigiriya, Dambulla & Uda Walawe. The Hot Air Balloon ride lasts for approximately an hour. The total the Ballooning experience is approximately 3- 4 hours; picking up the guests at the hotel, the preparation and inflation of the balloon, flight briefing, takeoff, the flight, landing & retrieval plus return to your hotel after a champagne breakfast is, in all, about 3-4 hrs. The ride that is reserved exclusively for the guests find its best timings within 2 hours of sunrise or two hours of sunset. Steady Weather conditions being important, most of the balloon operators prefer to operate the flights in the early morning. Hot Air Ballooning being a fine adventure sport, the guests are invited lend a hand in the ring of activity encompassing inflation and the deflation of the balloon.



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